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Network Testing

Enterprises all over the world depend on the quality of their network communications for the responsiveness, effectiveness and success of their business.

Network Testing Services

Enterprises choose their wide area network hardware and software suppliers on that basis. That makes high-quality network equipment testing critical for any company that wants to be a major player in the WAN equipment and infrastructure market. Zamred provide next-level outsourced testing resources that can help add substantial value to a network vendor’s solutions.

Excellence in Network Testing

Look to Zamred’s testers for networking excellence, deep technical knowledge, and global understanding of the complex network testing issues. We live and dream network stacks, best testing practices, and corner case detection! Our team members are selected for their ability to design effective network performance tests, work on advanced network testing tools and network testing software, and rigorously check conformance to international and industrial networking standards. But they also see the big picture – the end-to-end requirements of companies of all shapes, sizes and locations for networking hardware and software that boosts their operational results. We have best-in-class internet bandwidth infrastructure to seamlessly connect to the customer’s network lab through VPN tunnel, and effectively carry out testing and network bandwidth management with great efficiency.

Testing Consultancy Solutions

Working for network equipment vendors and end-customers, our experts also offer a range of network consultancy services for performance optimization. Network design, strategy planning, and product development and roadmap assistance are all different services available from Flatworld Solutions team. By operating a virtuous circle of design-test-optimization, we help vendors maximize the advantages they bring to end-users and assist end-users themselves in getting the most out of their networks, both today and into the future.
Start using bandwidth management and network testing services from Zamred today. Contact our representatives now to find out how we can provide cost-effective, rapid, quality outsourced service to you, when you need it.