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We optimize the resources available for the business, we have organizational capability to support critical business objectives. we set goals that are feasible, support critical business and are authentic, among other things.

about Zamred

Bridging the gap between market and Technology

Marketing executives are being tasked with leveraging technology to improve customer experience, drive client growth, and meet loyalty goals. Therefore, they’ve become more reliant on IT for web- and data-based marketing activities, such as behavioral targeting and geo-tracking.

We believe that aligned marketing operations programs are the foundation for profitability and growth. We can help you build and deliver an effective strategy based on market-insights and technology that meets the needs and capabilities for your business.

Our Best


The core of a successful technology backed business is a product that users love. While we’re obsessed with technology, we’re invested in building robust products for funded startups and enterprises using our technology prowess.
Digital Transformation

Guiding the Successful Digitalization of Your Business Model and providing services more efficiently

Embedded System

Core competencies in development of tailor-made, integrated embedded hardware and software components.


Delivers innovative technology that changes how people live & work every day.

Access to Experts

The experts offer unique knowledge and experience, supported by advanced methods and tools

Industrial Network Verification

Provide range of specialized products to meet the test requirements of the industrial Network

Medical DT Solutions

Move healthcare companies forward with transformative technology and user-centric digital strategy.

We use different technologies in our stack

Our Workflow


System Design

Employs a team of highly qualified engineers experts at Designing and Delivering State-Of-the-Art technology


Producing an early version of the product to reveal any problems with the current design.

System Development

We use Agile & Lean development methodologies to craft powerful platforms and develop secure firmware.

Product Launch

Most important and exciting step in our workflow process, after intensive tests we come to this final step

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

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